Sheet Metal ProcessingSHEET METAL

An integrated production line is built for our products ranging from exterior parts to cabs. Advanced systems has provided prompt support for prototype manufacturing.

The use of a 1000-ton deep drawing hydraulic press machine and a 3-D laser machine establishes an integrated system of production from exterior parts to cabs. The welding process has introduced many complex systems including a 6-axis welding robot and a 3-axis positioner, which expands the rate of automatic welding as well as cutting costs.

1,000-ton deep drawing hydraulic pressing machine

Cab welding robot system

Floor.Handling robot & welding robot system

Sheet Metal Processing System

A series of processes from inputting the design information to cutting, bending and welding can be finished in only a few hours, contributing to the quick manufacture of trial products.

  • Programming screen
  • 2D Fiber laser processing machine
  • Press brake