Painting & CoatingPAINTING

High quality Painting and Coating has changed the concept of construction machinery. This is the driving force and the starting point for our company.

Cation electrodeposition painting line + powder coating (finish coating) line.

In order to achieve a high level of quality automotive paint to construction machinery, the paint is deposited electrically, maintaining a uniform coating thickness on the surface of the metal, without peeling, increasing the resistance to rust.

Acrylic black cation electrodeposition painting line.

Weather resistance and edge antirust strength have been considerably enhanced. This is a huge-scaled line with the maximum painting object dimension of W 1,800×L 3,300×H 2,800mm and the maximum painting object weight of 1,000kg.

Excellent film thickness strength, chemical characteristics, corrosion resistance and weather resistance are maintained. In addition, the use of powder coating results in low pollution, saving of natural resources, and reduced labor because no organic solvents are used.
Powder coated products continue through a firing process, and once completed may be packed and transported.

Rental hanger system

One of our company's features is to support painting and coating operations of our local enterprises.
Upon delivery to their own products by our customers, we catty out low-cost, high-quality painting and coating using our company's facilities.